Collectable Books

Here you will find details of some of the collectable books that we have available. All of the books are signed by Geoff Taylor, who will have created the cover, or internal illustration(s). Occasionally a piece of artwork may be included in the sale.

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness - selection of signed books

Wolf Brother double signed hardback books.

Wolf Brother Slipcased limited edition signed and numbered only 6 ever signed by Geoff Taylor as the illustrator.

Spirit Walker hardbacks and paperbacks double signed books, hardback has a free badge.

Ghost Hunter double signed hardback books

Oath Breaker and Soul Eater double signed hardback books

No copies of Outcast left.

£9 paperbacks £15 hardbacks. £34 limited signed edition Wolf Brother Slipcased only 5 left

Breathe by Cliff McNish illustrated inside by Geoff Taylor

Breathe: A Ghost Story Hardback books double signed by Cliff McNish and Geoff Taylor 

Breathe: A Ghost Story proof copies, softback, signed by Cliff McNish  and Geoff Taylor

In NEW unread condition

Hardback £15, proof of Breathe £15



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Gotrek and Felix Omnibus book by William King and mug

Gotrek and Felix Omnibus, Hardback 1st Edition. Trollslayer, SkavenSlayer, Dragonslayer and Daemonslayer Signed by Geoff Taylor only.

This book is free with the purchase of the Gotrek and Felix limited edition mug, which has Geoff's illustrations on it. Geoff will sign it underneath if the purchaser wants him to. Book in NEW unread condition and mug not used

£50 plus £10 shipping UK only

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Rivan Codex by David and Leigh Eddings signed by Geoff Taylor only.

Rivan Codex by David and Leigh Eddings. 

Hardback 1st edition, signed by Geoff Taylor to gether with the illustration of the Owl which appears on page 274.

This original drawing is signed by Geoff Taylor. Pen and ink on paper mounted to A3 size for protection but can be used for framing.

The other illustrations from The Rivan Codex pictured here are included in this sale but will not be mounted. 

£250 for book and all illustrations shown here £15 Special Delivery in the UK only

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The Silver Sequence a trilogy by Cliff McNish each signed by author and Artist

The Silver Child, The Silver City and The Silver World hardbacks 1st Editions signed by both Cliff and Geoff.

These illustrations are from The Silver Child, see the other books illustrations in the Illustrations section, Cliff McNish gallery.  

Hardback books £12. Proof copies £10 each.

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