Below you will find some of the many of the nice comments we have received about Geoff Taylor's art, from Publishers who have licenced the art, and Individuals who have purchased originals, prints, and other oddities.

March 2019 - Stuart

Hi Geoff,

The prints have arrived safely! 

Sincere thanks for the Artilleryman quote for Nathanael…very much appreciated

Very best wishes,


January 2019 - Juliet (England)

Dear Geoff,

thanks very much indeed, this is sincerely appreciated, and yes, we will make sure to offer links to your website,

warmest regards,


November 2018 - Jamie (England)

Evening Geoff

I just wanted to say thank you for sending the parcel and the frames and certificates :)

As always you are great to deal with.


September 2018 - Malcom (England)

Thanks very much Geoff,

Parcel arrived yesterday.
Very pleased.

I have just been through my sci-fi book collection and I’m amazed just how many covers of yours I have.
I’m very happy with the calendar as it also has that beautiful green Daughters of the Empire - Feist cover.

 All the very best


October 2028 - Matthew

Hi Geoff

The parcel has arrived safely, thank you. My daughter is delighted with your picture, she became aware of your work as a Michelle Paver fan.

Best wishes


October 2018 - Peter (Singapore)

Hi Geoff,

I have dispatched it for framing. Expecting high quality finishing (worthy of complementing an exceptional art piece). I will update you again soon.

August 2018 - John (England)

Hi Geoff,

Package received safely. It’s great. Thank you!

John McLay

August 2018 - Stuart (England)

Hi Geoff,

I’m confirming that the books and pictures have arrived safely. 

As usual, the pictures are incredible!  Thanks for allowing me to expand my collection.

Very best of wishes,


June 2018 - Cora Beth (England)

Hi Geoff,

Just to let you know that the painting has arrived, safely and undamaged - what a relief! Thank you so much - it's beautiful!

Best wishes,
Cora Beth.

June 2018 - Michael (Sweden)

Hi Geoff!

The painting came today!!!
I am completely speechless! Not in my wildest dreams could I imagine the sharpness and the bright and beautiful colors of the painting!!

Thank you so much,

May 2018 - Graeme (UK)


The package arrived safely this morning. Many thanks for the quick service.



March 2018 - Ben (Austrailia)

Good morning Geoff,

I opened the parcel today it has arrive safely. Hope to pick up another one later in the year, saving first. :-)

Cheers Ben

February 2018 - Ryan (USA)

Hi Geoff,

Just wanted to let you know that the artwork arrived today as scheduled and in perfect condition. You are such an amazing artist!  I so cannot wait to get his hanging on the wall.

I said this the last time and I’ll say it again...this will not be my last from you!


February 2018 - Steve (Australia)

Hi Geoff,

I received the painting today, fantastic! thank you.


February 2018 - Jean-Basptiste (France)

Dear Marianne, dear Geoff,

I just receive the illustration which is absolutely gorgeous!
I am very proud and lucky to own it.
Thank you very much for all, it was an honnor to deal with you.

Kind regards,

Jean-Baptiste Roche

December 2017 - Keith (UK)

Morning Geoff,

Just to let you know the artwork has turned up and is cracking. Thank you very much to get it here before Christmas.

Kind Regards,

October 2017 - Stuart (UK)

Hi Geoff

It has arrived and is wonderful!  Thank you so much for this - I love it!

Have a great week and speak soon,

October 2017 - Mark (UK)

Hi Geoff,

I'm just writing to confirm that I've returned today and your parcel arrived safe and sound last Friday as expected. Thank you so much, I'm really pleased.

Thanks again and my very best wishes to you both,

September 2017 - Cora-Beth (UK)

Hi Geoff,

The painting arrived this afternoon - thank you! It's really brightened up my day.

Best wishes,

September 2017 - Cheryl (UK)

Hi Marianne and Geoff,


My artwork has arrived, safe and sound, and it´s beautiful!  Thank-you!


Cheryl Bailey


August 2017 - Bryony (UK)

Hello Geoff,

Yes! I meant to email yesterday. Thank you so much, it arrived in perfect condition. Really happy with it and can't wait to give it to my friend!


August 2015- Conrad and Helen (UK)

The painting is "just us"!
Thank you!
Conrad and Helen

July 2015 - Simon (Australia)

G’day Geoff and Marianne,

It has arrived and it is magnificent "The Troll" god has touched down in the
Land of Down Under.

O’ by the powers of all the gods in a universe far far away the Troll God is simply magnificent! The Australian connection runs strong through it all from the kookaburras on a clothes line to the pegged up poor old Thylacine.

All the Best


July 2015 - Edwin (UK)

I had to have the painting! would like to meet up and shake you by the hand and discuss painting techniques.

April 2015 - Derek (UK)

I am so pleased I bought this particular painting, thankyou!