Below you will find some of the many of the nice comments we have received about Geoff Taylor's art, from Publishers who have licenced the art, and Individuals who have purchased originals, prints, and other oddities.

January 2011 Steve (UK)

Hi Geoff,

Sorry for the very late reply.  I got home yesterday from holiday and found that your package had arrived the day after I left- no doubt held up by the lovely Christmas post rush!

Thank you so much.  The bookmark is lovely, and the card is too- and very generous of you! :)
I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year yourself. 

December 2010 Stephen (UK)

Hi Geoff

Sorry for the late reply but the prints arrived in good time and in good condition.

We are very pleased with them and again thanks very much.



December 2010 Tennille (Australia)

Good Morning Geoff,
We received the print.  We love it.  Thank you for all of you assistance.  It arrived very quickly and in excellent condition.  We were surprised as we have had massive amounts of rain here lately.

October 2010 Jason (Germany)

I got the picture, thank you so much! It looks even better in live than on the computer screen. I absolutely love the picture. It is wonderful! And thank you also for the little card. It's beautiful. I am so happy with everything. Thank you!

October 2010 Michael (UK)

Got the print. It's fantastic!
Thanks very much,

Sept 2010 John (USA)


The prints just arrived, and they shipped wonderfully!  I thank you yet again for the hassle-free sales experience, and look forward to possible future ones yet unplanned.

My friend (to whom these prints are to be a gift) will surely have her day made thanks to your kindness in working with those of us abroad.

With Care, John

Sept 2010 Oliver (UK)

 Hi Geoff

The bookmarks arrived yesterday morning, thanks very much.
Very pleased with them, already have the bookmark with the Warhammer Fantasy 4th edition cover picture; nice to have a couple of the others.
Thanks again

August 2010 Yukiko (Japan)

Dear Mr and Mrs Taylor
I have received the painting, the printings, the bookmarks, and the
greeting cards.They are in perfect condition.
Thank you for fine packing job and the gracious your message card!
They are awesome! Painting portrait of Kiara, especially!!

Thank you again for your kindness!

August 2010 Charles (UK)

Hi Geoff
Thank you so much for the speed and ease of the whole process, as the two prints were delivered today. I have had a quick look at them both, (took longer to put them back into the tube!), and am very impressed. I have no doubt that we shall be ordering some more items from you in the near future.
Now to find a suitable frame to show them off.

June 2010 Spencer (UK)

Morning Geoff!
Print has arrived intact and looks fantastic!
Many thanks,

June 2010 Dominic (USA)

Hello Geoff,
 I received my art and book today.  I love the artwork! Thank you for the pleasant transaction and please thank your wife for the very thorough job she did packing the items. It was very much appreciated. 

June 2010 Regi (Belgium)

The painting arrived in fine condition, due to your excellent packing techniques! It looks as I
thought, splendid! Also thanks for the book and the lovely cards. You made my day Geoff! Thanks for everything!

June 2010 - J and T (UK)

Dear Geoff and Mariannne

The books and sketches arrived, they are much more spectacular in person. Once again we are pleased with our purchase

J and T

May 2010 - Mark (UK)

Hello Geoff -

Moving house and very limited access - basically wandering around
until the phone picks up some unsecured network! - but wanted to let
you know that the print turned up on time and looks even better than I
remembered. Will get it framed appropriately. And then buy more prints


May 2010 - Barbara (USA)

Thank you too for the beautiful card!!  That makes two Geoff Taylor cards I have now, much to my delight, along, of course with the books.  I'm trying now to talk my daughter into commissioning one of your beautiful pet pictures - but she somehow thinks a scruffy Newfoundland, a one-eyed cat, and now three zebra finches would not match your more dignified style!

Thank you again for your safe and sound additions to my now nearly complete collection.  I'm having trouble locating the second and third Kelewan books but will keep looking.

Take care.

April 2010 - Paul (France)

Hello Geoff
I received your letter this morning in perfect condition. What a great product! I love it, just perfect.
When I was surfing on your web site, watching your works, a question comes to my mind. When we see your paintings of nature and animals, why GW didn't ask you to work on the Wood Elf book in 1997 and in 2005? When I see your Orion painting, I can't understand why they didn't include you in the project.
What ever, thanks for your bookmark and your card and I wish all the best for the future

March 2010 - Linda (UK)

Hi Geoff,
Many thanks, the prints have arrived safely. They are beautiful, my husband who I brought them for as a birthday gift is especially pleased with them.
Kind regards

March 2010 - Regi (Belgium)

Hi Geoff,

This morning, I received safe and sound your package. Very well done the
protection! And of course the art is splendid! You made my day!

Thanks also for the lovely card!

All the best for you and family!


Feb 2010 - Marius J (Norway)

Just thought I'd tell you that I just picked up the books, and they re most certainly up to my expectations, and more so!
Thank you very much, and I really appreciated the little letter included, it was a welcome surprise.

Marius J

Feb 2010 - Vicky (UK)

AHHHH! the print is brilliant! Got here this morning like you said, and the card is really thoughtful mum is going to love them both!!! Yet again, thank you so much.
Best wishes!

Feb 2010 - Rebecca (UK)

Dear Geoff

Just to let you know that I have received safe and sound the War of the Worlds print. I am totally thrilled with it! Thank you so much.
I will get back to you shortly about some other prints.
Many thanks

Feb 2010 - Ryan (Essex UK)

Hi Geoff,
Just wanted to let you know the parcel arrived this morning!
The art is amazing - and thank you very much for the book etc..
I cant wait to have it framed! :)
 Thanks again
Best Wishes

Feb 2010 - Catherine D (USA)


The book arrived yesterday in perfect shape.  We had Mom's birthday party last night and gave it to her -- she was delighted and amazed, and she actually got a little misty-eyed when she opened the beautiful card you included.
Thank you so much for all your help, and for your wonderful artwork.  
Best wishes and warmest regards,
Catherine D

Jan 2010 - Jan (South Lakes)

Hi Geoff and Marianne,
 Thanks very much for the speedy and efficient service plus personal delivery.  I am very pleased with all the items and am sure Liz will be too.
Although Bob liked the Barn Owl picture he said he would have liked a bit more light catching the wing to bring out the colours so I think I will have to forego the original.  I still like it very much and am delighted that we have the first print.
Thanks again
All the best

Jan 2010 - John (UK)

Hi Geoff

The print arrived today.  We all think that the drawing of the cubs is probably the best of all those she has! Thanks so much for the card as well – Rachel will treasure it along with all the others you have sent her over the years.

Even if we do not buy any more prints for a while I know we will keep visiting your website.   

 Best wishes, John