Below you will find some of the many of the nice comments we have received about Geoff Taylor's art, from Publishers who have licenced the art, and Individuals who have purchased originals, prints, and other oddities.

March 2014 - Geoffrey (France)

Marianne, Geoff, i have no words to describe my satisfaction, it is more beautiful than I thought ! The skill of Geoff is outstanding and Marianne's careful work is excellent. Thank you for all. It's a great day.

All the best, Geoffrey.

February 2014 - Jim (USA)

Again, I just do not have the words to accurately portray my thanks. This is the best thing anyone has ever done for TMQ. Your generosity is incredible. I am in awe of your talent as an artist and your kindness as a person. I hope this game can bring many people the same kind of thrill and joy you have provided to me.
I would also like to thank Marianne for going thru and choosing the images for us to use.
I will keep you informed as to the progress of the game. I will also make a list of where the pics are used in the game and send it to you when we get them put in.

January 2014 - Jane (UK)

Hi Geoff, The book arrived safely, thank you. I now have a full set of signed firsts.  I'm not a book collector as such, but I just loved these from the start! Jane


December 2013 - Keith (UK)

Hi Geoff and Marianne
The print arrived today and its just what I wanted for the collection. There are currently 2 of your Tawny owls in the study and this will go perfectly with them. Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas.
All the Best


December 2013 - Briony (UK)

Hi Geoff,
As you will see, this is rather a late e mail! Just to say that Classie is now here in his frame, and looking gorgeous. He is in our hall and the first picture you see.  Hope you are both well, and again thank you so much for a wonderful painting of our beloved doggie.
With love, Briony.

November 2013 - Anne (UK)

Hi Geoff,
Just thought I would let you know, I had the wolf print framed & it is up on the lounge room wall, & it looks great..

Cheers Anne.

November 2013 - Wade (Canada)


Dawnspell has arrived, safe and sound!  An evocative and beautiful work of art and even more impressive first hand.  It reminds me quite a lot of some of the country here in western Canada where I grew up.  All I need to do now is get a good frame for it.  Would you have any suggestions on how to go about this?  I'm also a bit of a Warhammer fanatic and may inquire about some of your Games Workshop art at some point.  Thank you for the privilege.


November 2013 - Stewart (UK)

Geoff, Print arrived safe and sound today. Thank you so much. Looks fantastic.


April 2013 - Neal (USA)

Hey man,
Just wanted to tell you what a beautiful job you did with Gorath. He
looks exactly the way that I had imagined when I created him all those
years ago. :)

March 2013 - Nick (UK)

I can confirm receipt of the Michelle Paver illustrations and accompanying goodies, marvellously packaged as usual!
The illustrations are wonderful, and I especially like the roundel format you adopted throughout the series.
I certainly hope to buy more from you in the future.
Thanks and best wishes,Nick

March 2013 - Keith (UK)

Hi Marianne, arrived safely thank you, they are fantastic, were the originals acylic or water colour?
regards keith

February 2013 - Jennie (UK)

Hi, just wanted to let you know our print arrived safely and my son loved it! Thanks so much

Jan 2013 - Jane (UK)

Just checking through old emails and thought I would let you know that my son Max's wolf print was nicely framed and he is thrilled with it. It looks marvellous.
Many thanks again

November 2012 - John (UK)

I've got it. I love it! You're a legend!

October 2012 - Andrea (Italy)

Robert Holdstock has been a constant presence in my life since I first discovered Mythago Wood when I was a teenager. It saddened me so much to hear of his passing. We all have been diminished by his untimely departure. He did so much and could have given so much more. But his soul and his legacy live on through the pages he wrote. I'm ashamed here in Italy all of his books are out of print (and many, like "Gate of Ivory" and "Avilion" have not even been translated...) but business and art do not always go along together...

Oct 2012 - Diane (UK)

The prints arrived today, thank you!
I had to give them to my husband today - I couldn't wait for his birthday!  He absolutely loves them.  His present will have to be the framing!!
Thank you for the bookmark too!
Best Wishes

Sept 2012 - Gina (UK)

Thanks also so much for the beautiful wrapping and enclosures. The cards are lovely and I so appreciate the certificate and Michelle Paver’s signature as well.
I will definitely make contact again in future.  Does Geoff still take commissions for animal portraits?  My beautiful feline friend has just turned 17 and a skilled and sensitive image of him may help when the dark day comes.
Warm regards to you and many thanks

July 2012 - Paul (UK)

I received the illustration and book today there are great, I am really pleased with them, thank you very much.


July 2012 - Dean (UK)

Received with great pleasure, lovely item.
Thank you both - Dean

July 2012 - Gill (UK)

Thank you so much both of you. I felt a bit awful, rushing you by hoping you could get the chosen print to me in time for next Friday, and you surpassed yourselves, and it was here on Saturday there will be lots of time to wrap it and ribbon it suitably, ready for passing on to my good friend.
The Last Wolf card stays with me. I am going put it over my desk at work, where I can look at it and admire, and tell my pupils to go and borrow Michelle Paver's books, and look very closely at the fantastic artwork, because I know the artist.....! ( Well, by e-mail anyway !! )
 Thanks again both of you. Hope your painting goes well Geoff...the 'blood, sweat and tears' is definitely worthwhile.
Have a good summer,
All best wishes

June 2012 - J & T (UK)

Hi Geoff and Marianne,

As always the sketches are spectacular. Won't be long an they will be framed and hung. As always Marianne did an excellent job of packing, so they and the books that accompanied them were well protected.

Best regards

J & T

June 2012 - Simon (Australia)

Goodday Marianne and Geoff,

Geoff this is a “Magnificent and Epic” painting

Talk soon
All the best   


May 2012 - Maeve (UK)

The print arrived on Saturday morning just in time for my sister’s birthday J

I was delighted with the print and so was she.

Many Thanks,


March 2012 - Debbie (UK)

Received it today! Ty so much brilliant service :)

March 2012 Alessandro (Italy)

Dear Geoff,
your stunning prints arrived safely and in perfect package today! Really congratulations for your remarkable works,i say you a big thanks and wish you all the best!
Kind regards