Below you will find some of the many of the nice comments we have received about Geoff Taylor's art, from Publishers who have licenced the art, and Individuals who have purchased originals, prints, and other oddities.

July 2009 - Jean (Askam-in-Furness, Cumbria)

Hello Mr Taylor

I have long been an admirer of your work and visited the Dock Museum yesterday.Your exhibition was fantastic.
It was great to see the original of my favourite painting of a Tawny Owl too.

Kind Regards

May 2009 - Orion Children's Books UK

Dear Geoff
Just a line to thank you for the absolutely stunning chapter openers for last title in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, Ghost Hunter.  They are absolutely amazing - as indeed they have been for all six books.  Thank you very much indeed.
I hope we'll find another book, or series to work on soon.
Best Wishes

March 2009 - Scott (Basingstoke)

Hi Geoff,

Picked up the poster today from the PO - massive thank you! Now I just need to find some wall space that the wife will let me hang it up on, heh! If and when I get around to sorting out the eldar sculpture I'll try send over
a pic or two. Keep up the good work in the meantime.

All the very best,

Feb. 2009 - Rachel (Derby)

Hi Geoff

I’m just writing to say thank you very much for the beautiful Owl print and also for the card. I really love them. The print will shortly be joining my others in my wall as soon as my Dad gets round to it.
Sorry it has taken so long to write and say thanks, but I’ve been really busy at school doing exams and choosing my options for GCSE.

Thanks very much again

Oct. 2008 - Terry, (OH,USA)

The prints arrived yesterday. They are beautiful. I can't wait to have them framed.
Thank you for sending them so quickly. I think the Nightwatch one is my favorite. I feel like that owl is looking right into my eyes. Please let me know if you do any more owl paintings.

Best wishes,

Feb. 2008 - Andy (Turbary Woods Owl Sanctuary, Preston)

Hi Geoff,

Thanks very much for your very kind offer. We are not quite on the scale of Muncaster, (they are a charity and have huge funds ) but we are very dedicated.You are welcome down anytime and if you want to use any photos of our birds for future projects then we would love to assist you. I prefer the owls myself, they are my favourites, but any prints will be really  appreciated.

We rescue mainly barn and tawny owls. Last year was the worst on record due to the early spring then the terrible 6 weeks of rain that  followed.I have trained 2 of the rescues and we use them on the flying are welcome down if you are ever in the neck of these woods.

Again may i thank you personally for your welcome help.
Warmest Regards
Turbary Woods Owl Sanctuary

September 2005 - J and T (UK)

Dear Geoff

It was nice to meet you in person at the Exhibition. The pet portrait you did for us is spectacular, It was everything we expected, and more.

J and T

December 2004 - J and T (UK)

Dear Geoff

Just to let you know the painting arrived safely today. Marianne did an excelent job of packing it, so it wouldn't be damaged. As you know we recently married, and this was our presnet to ourselves.

J and T