Below you will find some of the many of the nice comments we have received about Geoff Taylor's art, from Publishers who have licenced the art, and Individuals who have purchased originals, prints, and other oddities.

Feb 2012 - Lorraine (UK)

Hi Geoff!

Thank you so very much for the print.  It arrived yesterday and my husband loved it.  You will be hear from me again soon.


Feb 2012 Jim (Monaco)

Hi Geoff,
I have just received the artworks. There a fantastic and in perfect condition. I am more than happy with them. For sure I will come back to you later this year for additional purchase.

Feb 2012 Helen (UK)

Hello Geoff and Marianne,

The print arrived in perfect order today and is absolutely stunning. Thank you very much! I may well be in touch soon about commissioning some work.

Kind regards,

October 2011 Mark (UK)

Thank you both very much indeed!!!
The items arrived safely today, and although I've bought them as a birthday present for my partner Helen, I felt like it was my own birthday today whilst unwrapping them!
I must confess to a momentary crisis of conscience when I saw the original illustration, because I instantly wanted to keep it for myself - it is SO stunning!!
I can't speak highly enough of this, both as an image itself, and also for my admiration of how you have drawn it, I can't stop looking at it!
However,  I know that Helen will love it at least as much as I do and they will all give us both years of pleasure. She runs a dog rescue, so I know that The Last Wolf will be a deeply meaningful image for her, and personally I prefer Wolf Portrait as it is so beautiful visually and is without the sadder connotations.
The Mythago Wood image is an absolute feast and I keep seeing more and more details in it everytime I look at it.
Thank you also very much for most generously including the card and extra items ( I feel that I can justifiably keep these for myself so I'm well chuffed!)

Thanks again and my very best wishes to you both,

Sept 2011 Denyse (Canada)

Hello, Geoff.
I just wanted to let you know that the print arrived safely to day. The postman didn't realize there was a signature required, so that sticker is still on the tube. However, it is here - and it's gorgeous!! Thank you so very much.
All the best to you, and much continued success!!

August 2011 Michael (Australia)

Hi Geoff,

After a long and nervous wait the prints finally arrived! I am truly pleased and can't wait to frame them and put them up on the wall! Everything about this experience has been great: communication with you and your wife, the price, the packaging, and of course the most important, the prints are truly brilliant!

Best regards



July 2011 Angie (Australia)

It is not often that I am compelled to express appreciation, but appreciate your work I do, I never realized that you were the cover artist for some of my favorite authors.  I think, as we age, we come to realize just how insignificant we are, but every now and then there is a shining example and your creative ability falls into that category for me.  Well done, just another who appreciates your work artistic…. hmmm was going to say ability, but that just doesn’t seem to cover it.


June 2011 Sharon (UK)

I received the wildlife prints today and I am really happy with the quality. They are now at the framers waiting to be mounted and framed for my bedroom walls.
Thank you very much for the quick delivery and excellent service. Hope to purchase more prints from you in the future.

May 2011 Erika (Australia)

My order arrived safely on Tuesday (I think it was)! Thank you very much for the freebie print! :)

It was a real pleasure doing business with you!

Erika M


April 2011 Nick (UK)

Hello Geoff,
 Thank you for the swift delivery and very well packaged bookmarks - I received them yesterday with your enclosed note. 
 I look forward to putting them to good use (befittingly they line up against some of the old first edition GW books at the moment) and hearing back from my brother once he has received the set of 3 i intend to send him.  Sometimes gift ideas just 'shout out' don't they?
 Much appreciated and jolly glad to have found your website.

March 2011 David (UK)

Greetings Marianne.

I just want to take a quick sentence to thank both you and your husband for your services.  For me, commissioning an artist was a daunting task, especially one with such a huge collection of established work behind them.  But you both have treated me with nothing but respect and professionalism, and have made the process one which I would definately look to repeat in the future if given the opportunity to do so. 

All in all I am extremely pleased with the outcome, and have no regrets that I chose the right person for the job.


March 2011 Jolyn Clothing Company, Inc. (USA)

Hi Geoff! Hope you are well.
So the next step is we're finalizing a few of the smaller swim suit sizes we're planning to use with your art. We posted that photo on Facebook & it got great responses.
Thanks for hanging in there with us while we plan the line. It takes awhile as you can see!


February 2011 Esther (Netherlands)

Hi Geoff,

The bookmark has arrived and it was exactly the right present J. So thank you very, very much for helping me out. (very well-packed by the way, which proved necessary because the package got damaged quite a bit, but the bookmark was fine J)

And I much appreciated the card that was sent with it. A very nice painting!

Kind regards Esther

February 2011 Marina (Germany)

Hi Marianne -  I have got the parcel with the painting and I´m so so happy with it.

Please tell Geoff that this is a real masterpiece - I could find so many beautiful details that I didn´t see on the scan - I really love it.
Thanks also for the extra card and for your sweet birthday-greetings.
All the best - Marina

January 2011 Matt (UK)

Hi Geoff,
Bookmarks received safely this morning, they wonderful. Thank you very much.
All the best,

January 2011 Phil (UK)

Thanks for the bookmarks they have arrived safely.  My wife has already earmarked the dwarf slayer bookmark as her own, so she was obviously impressed!
I am very pleased with them too.
Best wishes

January 2011 Steve (UK)

Hi Geoff,

Sorry for the very late reply.  I got home yesterday from holiday and found that your package had arrived the day after I left- no doubt held up by the lovely Christmas post rush!

Thank you so much.  The bookmark is lovely, and the card is too- and very generous of you! :)
I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year yourself. 

December 2010 Stephen (UK)

Hi Geoff

Sorry for the late reply but the prints arrived in good time and in good condition.

We are very pleased with them and again thanks very much.



December 2010 Tennille (Australia)

Good Morning Geoff,
We received the print.  We love it.  Thank you for all of you assistance.  It arrived very quickly and in excellent condition.  We were surprised as we have had massive amounts of rain here lately.

October 2010 Jason (Germany)

I got the picture, thank you so much! It looks even better in live than on the computer screen. I absolutely love the picture. It is wonderful! And thank you also for the little card. It's beautiful. I am so happy with everything. Thank you!

October 2010 Michael (UK)

Got the print. It's fantastic!
Thanks very much,

Sept 2010 John (USA)


The prints just arrived, and they shipped wonderfully!  I thank you yet again for the hassle-free sales experience, and look forward to possible future ones yet unplanned.

My friend (to whom these prints are to be a gift) will surely have her day made thanks to your kindness in working with those of us abroad.

With Care, John

Sept 2010 Oliver (UK)

 Hi Geoff

The bookmarks arrived yesterday morning, thanks very much.
Very pleased with them, already have the bookmark with the Warhammer Fantasy 4th edition cover picture; nice to have a couple of the others.
Thanks again

August 2010 Yukiko (Japan)

Dear Mr and Mrs Taylor
I have received the painting, the printings, the bookmarks, and the
greeting cards.They are in perfect condition.
Thank you for fine packing job and the gracious your message card!
They are awesome! Painting portrait of Kiara, especially!!

Thank you again for your kindness!

August 2010 Charles (UK)

Hi Geoff
Thank you so much for the speed and ease of the whole process, as the two prints were delivered today. I have had a quick look at them both, (took longer to put them back into the tube!), and am very impressed. I have no doubt that we shall be ordering some more items from you in the near future.
Now to find a suitable frame to show them off.