Large Prints (A2)

 All Geoff Taylor prints whatever the edition, or size, are signed.

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The image is printed as a "best fit" because the dimensions of some original paintings or illustrations do not conform with the paper size so there will be different sized borders around the printed image

The Last Wolf signed print

'And now once more to Humphrey Head

It makes with faltering bounds-

And whither are the hunter And where are the abiding hounds?'....


This excerpt from the poem "The Last Wolf" is written under the image on the wolf print.

This painting was inspired by the tale of the last wolf in England which was reputedly killed in the 14th Century at Humphrey Head, Cumbria, the event was captured in a poem called "The Last Wolf" by Mrs Jerome Mercier.


Posted in a large 3inch diameter tube.

£40 p&p in UK free of charge

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Fantasy Prints - A2 size

Most of the Fantasy Art that appears on this website are not available as a print.  

Prints are usually a "best fit" on A2 (or A3 paper) -  These prints have a title printed along the bottom edge, a white border and are signed.

The Limited Edition prints of the 4 illustrations for Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds (under licence) were made as follows. 1-20 were large prints in sets of 4 (printed image size 54 cm x 33 cm) 21-55 were medium size in sets of 4 (printed image size 48 cm x 27 cm) 56-105 small sets of 4 size (printed image size 38 cm x 21 cm ) 106-125 small singles 126-145 medium sets of 4 146-170 large sets ALL these Numbers below from the Limited Edition were NEVER printed Numbers:- 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, also 171 through to 195.

Some of these are still available please contact us


£20 to £50