Gorath of the Ardanien (Krondor the Betrayal)

This illustration is a Custom Cover Art by Geoff Taylor, created without the restrictions from the book publishing industry.

Original Art


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the alternative painting for The Betrayal by Geoff Taylor - art by Geoff Taylor


This new painting was commissioned privately, for Geoff to create an alternative art for Krondor the Betrayal a book by Raymond E Feist. It has not been used for any cover art. The painting depicts Gorath of the Ardanien, who was the chieftain of Clan Ardanien and Delekhan's chief rival to the throne of Sar-Sargoth. Gorath believes Delekhan's plan to invade the Kingdom to be madness and betrays the moredhel to warn Prince Arutha, as it the only way to save his people from another disastrous war.


Riftwar Legacy




Acrylic on Artboard


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