The Wizard's Promise

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on The Wizard's Promise, written by Cliff Mcnish,

Original Art

The Wizard's Promise


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The Wizard's Promise - art by Geoff Taylor


The colour to the illustrations have been added by the publisher, Geoff DID draw the original black and white illustrations used for the covers and for the inside of the book(s)

Synopsis for Original Title

The magic of all children has been released. Throughout the skies of Earth they swoop, crossing continents, changing shape, diving to the ocean depths and playing the deadly new spell-games. Rachel bides her time, watching the skies for what she knows will happen - the invasion of the Witches. But when it comes, it is not in the way anyone expects, and there is also a new enemy - the huge, terrifying Gridda-breed. To confront them will require all of Rachel and her brother Eric's skill and courage, as they embark on a journey that takes them to Ool, home of the Witches - a world where mountains move and breathe, the sun never pierces the clouds and the snows are alive. The Wizard's Promise is a story of dazzling excitement, breathtaking action and memorable characters - the child Yemi, too young to understand the vast scope of his powers; Eric, the spell-destroyer, who will discover his true destiny; and the mysterious Wizards, led by Larpskendya, whose influence may decide the fate of everyone on Earth and beyond.




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